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Addressing perinatal concerns at ICC

Therapeutic services related to postpartum mood, pregnancy and intimacy, birth trauma, maintaining self, pregnancy complications, and loss require a compassionate and tailored approach. Kristin guides individuals and couples through the complex emotional and psychological challenges that surround the perinatal period through a compassionate and tailored approach.


Postpartum mood management involves addressing the spectrum of emotions experienced after childbirth, offering coping strategies and emotional support to manage feelings of such as sadness, anxiety, and feeling completely overwhelmed. Additionally, the years spent trying to conceive (TTC) pregnancy and intimacy focus on nurturing the physical and emotional connection between partners amidst the changes and challenges of pregnancy. Addressing birth trauma involves processing difficult childbirth experiences, validating emotions, and promoting healing.


Therapeutic interventions also aim to help individuals maintain a sense of self amidst the transformative journey of pregnancy and parenthood, fostering self-care practices and identity exploration. Furthermore, therapy for pregnancy complications and loss provides a supportive space for grieving, processing trauma, and navigating the complexities of loss, whether it's due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

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