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Relationship counseling at ICC

Kristin provides support to individuals and couples navigating various relationship dynamics, offering support and guidance on a range of issues. These include intimacy concerns, where she provides education, addresses libido differences, explores intimacy enhancement techniques, and promotes mindful approaches to sex, supplemented with informational resources. She also assists clients in navigating parenting challenges, offering insights into family dynamics and child development. Conflict resolution is another area of focus, where she helps individuals and couples navigate ongoing disputes that can be experienced within intimate, family, work and other important relationships.


Additionally, she explores the intricacies of family systems, assisting in managing strained relationships, setting boundaries, and clarifying roles. Spiritual enrichment within relationships is another aspect man address at ICC, where discussions are facilitated which promote the deepening of spiritual connections. We also help couples prepare for marriage through brief counseling, including relationship enrichment techniques, conflict resolution strategies, effective communication skills, sexual education, and integration of spirituality for those who so desire.

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